I. Music for Woodwinds - Forton Music

Sonata for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano, Op. 1 – a baroque sonata in four-movement (slow-fast-slow-fast) form. Published in 2013.

Songs Without Words for Flute (or Oboe) and Piano, Op. 2 – three romantic pieces. Published in 2013.

Three Pieces for Cor Anglais (English horn) and Piano, Op. 3. Published in 2013.

Four Romances for Cor Anglais and Piano, Op. 6 -- very romantic works. Published in 2014.

Suite in G for Oboe, Cor Anglais, and Bassoon, Op. 7 – a baroque three-part invention, two fugues, a classical rondo, and a Renaissance dance, all in one partita! Published in 2014.

Sonata #2 in E minor for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano (or Harpsichord), Op. 8. Published in 2015.

II. Music for Violin and Piano – Broadbent and Dunn

Sonata for Violin and Piano (or Harpsichord), Op. 4 – a baroque sonata in four-movement (slow-fast-slow-fast) form. Published in 2014.

“Raindrops” Fantasia for Violin and Piano, Op. 5 – a set of free variations in romantic style. Published in 2014.


Baroque Compositions

Partita #1 in E minor (2011)

Partita in B-flat Major for Unaccompanied Bassoon (2016)

Organ Fugue in G Minor (2009)

Adagio for Bass Oboe (or English horn) and Piano (2016)

Contrapunctus 14: A Conjectural Completion of Bach’s Masterpiece (2015) - [Alternate]

Classical Compositions

Piano Sonata #1 in A Major (1989)

Reconstruction of the Concertino in C by Franz Joseph Haydn for Clavier and Strings, Hob. XVIII: 5 (2009; revised 2016)

Cadenzas to Mozart Concerto #20 in D minor, K. 466 (1997)

Cadenza to Mozart Concerto #24 in C minor, K. 491 (1995)

Cadenza to Beethoven Concerto #1 in C, Op. 15 (2000)

Sonata #2 in D Major (1994)

Compositions for Piano in Romantic Style

6 Songs Without Words (1986-87)

Three Waltzes (1987)

Fantasia #1 in E Major (1987)

Three Piano Pieces (Waltz, Etude, and Intermezzo) (1990)

Four Romances (1991)

Fantasia #2 in A-flat (1992)

Romance in E minor (1999)

Fantasia #3 on Themes of Beethoven (2011)

Compositions for Piano in Impressionistic Style

The Clocks (1994)

Composer and Pianist (b. 1947)

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